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  • STS Seminar Series Poster for Spring 2015 - Click here to download the schedule of events
  • 2/13/15 1:00pm LANE 132
    "Rethinking Rural Electrification: An Alternative Narrative for Understanding How Farmers Obtained Power in the Early 20th Century"
    RICHARD HIRSH, VT Department of History
  • 3/20 & 3/21 2014, Arlington, VA & Washington DC
    Virginia Tech-Lemelson Center Workshop: Can Innovators Be Made? A Dialogue on the Past, Present, and Future of Innovation Expertise For more information contact
  • 3/27/15 1:00pm LANE 132
    STGlobal Practice Talks
  • 4/1/15 1:00pm Architecture Annex 109
    "Everything Dead is New Again: Rethinking the 'Tech' in Postmortem Technologies"
    JOHN TROYER, University of Bath Department of Social & Policy Sciences
  • 4/10/15 1:00pm LANE 132
    "Dead Bodies and the Body-Politic: Cremation, Exhumation and The Singaporean State"
    RUTH TOULSON, University of Pennsylvania Department of Anthropology
  • 4/10 4/11 2015 Washington DC
    STGlobal Conference
  • 4/23/15 4:00pm WILLIAMS 134 - Mullins Lecture
    "Premature Death: On Race, Survival,and the Limits of Technology"
    MONICA CASPER University of Arizona Department of Gender & Women’s Studies