Matthew R. Goodrum Visiting Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech's Blacksburg Campus

234 Lane Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061
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Matthew Goodrum

received his Ph.D. in the history of science from Indiana University in 1997 and currently teaches graduate courses in the history of science at Virginia Tech's Blacksburg campus including courses in historiography and research methods, history of the human sciences, science and religion, and the Scientific Revolution. His research interests include the history of biology as it relates to theories of human evolution, science, and religion. His research also investigates the history of prehistoric anthropology and archaeology, theories of human origins and human evolution, and the history of the human sciences. Currently, he is researching a book on the way prehistoric stone artifacts have been used to reconstruct human prehistory and the problems scientists have faced in interpreting their meaning.

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        • "Prolegomenon to a History of Paleoanthropology: The Study of Human Origins as a Scientific Enterprise (Part II: Enlightenment to the Twentieth Century)." Evolutionary Anthropology (forthcoming).
        • "The Meaning of 'Ceraunia': Archaeology, Natural History, and the Interpretation of Prehistoric Stone Artifacts in the Eighteenth Century." British Journal for the History of Science 35 (2002): 255-269.
        • "Atomism, Atheism, and the Spontaneous Generation of Human Beings: The Debate over a Natural Origin of the First Humans in Seventeenth Century Britain." Journal of the History of Ideas (2002): 207-224.
        • "Biblical Anthropology and the Idea of Human Prehistory in Late Antiquity." History and Anthropology 13 (2002): 69-78.
        • "The History of Twentieth Century Paleoanthropology: A Bibliographic Survey." History of Anthropology Newsletter, 27/2 (2000): 10-15.
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