Ashley Shew

Assistant Professor, STS

Blacksburg Campus

Email: shew@vt.eduPhone: 540-231-1810
Office Hours: TBAOffice: 234 Lane

Although I situate my work squarely within philosophy of technology, I maintain active interests in the interrelated fields of engineering studies, animal studies, history of technology, emerging technologies, and applied ethics.

I am working on converting my dissertation to a book centered on the question of where the use of tools by non-human animals stands with regard to philosophy of technology and what the ends (conceptually-speaking) of tool-use are. I use the philosophical ideas of know-how and encapsulated knowledge to make the claim that at least some of what is made and used by non-human animals should be considered technology, given the current accounts of technlogy.

Working in conjunction with the Integrative Graduate Education Program (IGEP) on Regenerative Medicine, I\\\\\\\'m currently engaged in projects on societal implications and ethics on the topic. I will be co-teaching a graduate-level course on Regenerative Medicine: Science and Society with faculty members from Vet Med and Engineering during Spring 2013.

2011 PhD, Virginia Tech, Science & Technology Studies
2008 M.A., Virginia Tech, Philosophy
2007 M.S., Virginia Tech, Science & Technology Studies
2005 B.A., University of South Carolina, Philosophy, with Honors from the South Carolina Honors College and a minor in the Medical Humanities

Areas of Specialization: Philosophy of Technology, Epistemology of Technology, Philosophy of Instrumentation, Technological Ethics

Areas of Competence: Bioethics, Applied Ethics (including Business and Engineering Ethics), Animal Ethics, History of Technology