Minors in STS

Students often ask themselves what relationship their education has to our rapidly changing society, its science and technology, and its diverse and developing job market. You may consider that relationship in terms of a minor in Humanities, Science, and Technology or in Science & Technology. By fulfilling the 18 semester-hour minor in STS, you can explore and better understand such important issues as:


  • The relationships between the basic sciences and technology
  • How technological change affects our society, our institutions, and our values
  • Why the benefits of technology are often accompanied by drawbacks
  • How to enhance the benefits and minimize the drawbacks of technological change
  • Where the burdens of responsibility lie in the effort to enhance technology's benefits and diminish its costs.


These and other issues explored in STS Courses bear directly on our economy and job markets as well as our environment and our scientific, social, and political institutions. The overall objective of the HST and ST minors is to help students understand the complex issues that confront a society with deeply rooted traditional values and with an expanding capacity for scientific and technological manipulation of nature. With such understanding you will be better prepared to analyze, evaluate, and make sound decisions about developments and policies in business, industry, education, or government.

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