Dr. Doris Zallen

An overview of our program

Science and Technology Studies (STS) is a growing field that draws on the full range of disciplines in the social sciences and humanities to examine the ways that science and technology shape, and are shaped by, our society, politics, and culture. We study contemporary controversies, historical transformations, policy dilemmas, and broad philosophical questions. The graduate program in STS at Virginia Tech prepares students to be productive and publicly-engaged scholars, advancing research and making a difference.

Dr. Gary Downey

Virginia Tech Main Campus, Blacksburg VA

Best fit for students interest in full-time graduate study on the campus of Virginia’s largest research university.

National Capital Region (NCR) Program, VA

The same STS program, but with evening courses to accommodate part-time students with careers in the Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C areas. Visit our NCR site here: www.sts.vt.edu/ncr.

STS Seminar Series Poster for Spring 2015